01/01/2015 3:00 PM: UTC, Jul 20
01/01/2015 4:00 PM: UTC, Jul 20

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The Salesforce Technology Team has resolved an issue affecting the "View As A Webpage" link within emails sent through our Stack 4 environment. The issue began at 19:00 UTC 2017-08-22 and was resolved as of 15:30 UTC 2017-08-23. During this time, a subset of subscribers who clicked on the "View As A Webpage" link in an email created under an account which leverages "view.s4.exacttarget.com" would have received an error.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technology team has isolated the node with the faulty software and moved the impacted customers on ET131, ET132, ET133, ET134, ET135, ET136, ET137, ET138, ET139, and ET140 to other fully operational nodes, which has addressed the performance issues and taken us out of impact. This incident began at 20:50 UTC 2017-08-22, and we were out of impact at 23:10 UTC 2017-08-22. The Technology team has updated the software drivers on the impacted node and have started to see alerts clear on that node. The team will continue to further stablize the situation and update the software drivers on all the database nodes in that cluster in order to fully resolve the issue. As part of our standard process, we are also performing a full root cause analysis and will provide our customers with a summary of the details on request.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technology Team will be performing maintenance on our Stack 8 environment at 2AM UTC on 2017-08-25. This maintenance requires a 15-20 minute outage. During this time, customers may experience delays in application login, sends, api calls, imports, exports, and reporting. Thank you for your patience during this maintenance. Upon completion of this maintenance, the start and end times will be reflected below on the marketing cloud instance for the stack. Thank you for your patience during this maintenance.
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